Club Meeting Date: On the second Monday of the month

Club Meeting Time: 6.30 for 6.45pm

Club Meeting Place: Belton Park Golf Club, Grantham

Number of Members: 27

About the Club:

The Inner Wheel Club of Grantham received its charter in 1962.

Grantham’s most famous son is Sir Isaac Newton who was born in nearby Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth on Christmas Day in 1642.  He was educated at the King’s School in Grantham before going on to Cambridge University and his theory of gravity is thought to have come from the observation of an apple falling from a tree in the grounds of his home, the Manor House at Woolsthorpe.

Mention should also be made of one of Grantham's most famous daughters Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven. Born Margaret Roberts above a grocer's shop in the town, she was educated at Huntingtower Road School and Kesteven & Grantham Girls' School, before going up to Oxford to study chemistry. She became the first research chemist ever to become Prime Minister (and the first woman to hold that appointment). The first woman police officer, Edith Smith, was also a Granthamian.

Officers and Committee Members 2019-2020

Presidents - Linda Burr Pam Kalbassi Delia Hearmon Kathleen Holmes

Vice President

Past President - Margaret Graham

Honorary Secretary - Pam metcalf

Honorary Treasurer - Veronica Phillips

Minutes Secretary - Ruth Lynsey

Club Correspondent - Jill Turner

Community Service - Kathy Klingels

Health and Safety - Margaret Bentley

International Service - Janice Charity





July 8th - Changeover

September 9th - Speaker Glenys Robertson

'Disability Games'

October 7th - Paul Taylor


November 11th - Ruth Crook

'A Pioneering Grantham Woman'



December 9th - Christmas Party

January 13th 2020 - Inner Wheel Work and Lunch

at Pam Kalbassi's home, start time 12pm

February 11th 2020 - Partners and Friends

March 9th 2020 - Speaker on 'Scams'

April 6th 2020 - Election of Officers

May 12th 2020 District Chairman's visit

June 8th 2020 - AGM

July 13th 2020 - Changeover


Other Events


July 11th District meeting at Corby

July 22nd  Coffee Morning at President Linda's home

September 12th District Rally at Greetham Valley

September 21st - 24th  Rotary District Conference in Southport

October 13th  I W Club of Grantham Charter

November 14th  Coffee Morning at President Pam's home 11am

December 14th Rotary Club of Grantham President's Christmas Party



January 5th Rotary Club of Grantham Burn's Night

February 5th Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven Charter

February 7th -9th Rotary Club of Grantham Swimarathon

March 12th District Meeting Corby

March 11th Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven - 'Children of Courage Lunch'

April 8th - 10th Association Conference in Belfast

April 23rd Rotary Club of Grantham Charter Dinner

May 15th District International Rally


July District meeting at Corby





Officers and Committee  Members 2018-2019

President - Margaret Graham

Vice President -

Past President -Kathy Klingels

Honorary Secretary - Pam Metcalf

Honorary Treasurer - Kathleen Holmes

International Service - Janice Charity

Social Secretary - Sheila Redman

Minutes Secretary - Delia Hearmon

Club Correspondent - Pam Wiggins

Community Service - Mavis Coxon

Health & Safety - Margaret Bentley

Membership/Club Welfare -

Club Meetings and Other Events (in italics)  

9th July 2018    Changeover Meeting
Speaker -Deborah Wylie
Hostess: Linda Burr
Raffle Mavis Coxon

      July 12th – District Meeting at Corby 

August    No club meeting


28th August Games Event at the home of Ron Phillips    

10th September
Jan Warren – Motor Neuron Disease Association
Hostess: Midge Cook     
Raffle: Pam Wiggins

       September 6th – District Rally

       September 21st/24th – Rotary District Conference in Torquay
 8th October    Arthur Ambrose - Police Raid in Tottenham
Hostess: Jil Storer
Raffle: Catriona Berry


October 14th – IW Club of Grantham Charter

      Date to be advised - Walk to raise funds for Motor Neuron Charity
12th November    James Wiggins – Women in the Air War
Hostess: Margaret Bentley
Raffle: Jo Green    November 8th – District Meeting
November 10th – RC of Grantham
Presidents Night
10th December    Christmas Party
Hostess: Linda Burr
Raffle: Jill Turner


       December 14th – Christmas Coffee Morning at the home of

      Sheila Redman

7th January 2018    Inner Wheel Work and Lunch
Harrowby Lane Church – start time:  11.20am – to be confirmed
11th February     LIVES - A Talk on First Responders
Hostess: Diana Platt
Raffle: Cynthia Kathel

      February 1st – 3rd – Swimarathon

      February 6th – RC of Grantham Kesteven Charter
11th March    RSPB – Dr Chris Andrews
Hostess; Kathy Klingels
Raffle: Mavis Coxon

      March 13th – RC Of Grantham Kesteven’s Children of Courage Lunch

1st April

Hostess: Ron Phillips
Raffle: Pam Kalbassi

       April 8th, 9th, 10th - Association Conference in Cardiff

      April 14th - District Meeting

      April 15th – RC of Grantham Charter Dinner
13th May    District Chairman’s visit

      May 16th – District International Rally

      May 2nd – 5th RC of Grantham trip to Llangollen, Wales
10th June    A G M  

8th July     Changeover

      July 11th – District Meeting      

Will be held at 12.30am on the first Monday of the month at the home of President Margaret          


Grantham Changeover Meeting July 2018


Past President Kathy and President Margaret


President Margaret Grantham and President Ray Rotary Club of Grantham


We all wore hats to fit in with the Speaker's theme



Our waiter joined in too!




President Margaret, Past District Chairman Linda and Past District International Service Chairman Pam Metcalf attended the church service in Fineden, where Rev Richard Coles is minister, to celebrate 80 years of IW in District 7



The Inner Wheel Club of Grantham has got off to a flying start raising much needed funds for good causes.

The Club were eager to support one of it's own members to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research.  Ladies of the Club baked cakes, and teas were served on a sunny afternoon full of friendship and chatter.  With a Raffle, ‘Bring and Buy’ stall and donations from visitors, an amazing amount of £1500 was raised.

In support of the Inner Wheel Club President’s chosen charity, Motor Neuron Disease, the staff at Moy Park organised a cake stall.  This proved very successful with cakes baked by the staff and an assortment of cakes provided by Bloomsbury Bakery.  President Margaret was thrilled to learn that over £200 was raised and sends her thanks to all involved particularly to Alison Shaw and Danny.

Putting the fun into fund raising, an afternoon tea and croquet on the lawn was organised.  Great fun was had by all with everyone taking their turn at croquet and playing additional gardens games.  It proved to be an entertaining way for everyone to enjoy themselves as well as raising over £300 for Motor Neuron Disease.

In addition to the fundraising events there has been a monthly social lunch  where members can catch up with each other for a good natter and a laugh.

Our first evening meeting of the year was well attended, and President Margaret was pleased to welcome two new members to our Club.

We were given a very interesting and enlightening talk by Jan Warren from the Motor Neuron Disease Association and she was presented with a donation of £300.          

If you would like to come along to any of our meetings or want to know any further information, please contact the Secretary telephone 01476 570800.

Brain Tumour Charity Garden Party August 2018



 Mavis and Kathleen managed the raffle


Pam and Cynthia served the cakes and other tempting fare