Club Meeting Date: On the second Thursday of the month (except August).

Club Meeting Time: 7pm

Club Meeting Place: members’ homes

Number of Members: 11

About the Club:

The Inner Wheel Club of Huntingdon received its charter in 1962.   

Huntingdon and its area are low lying and mainly arable with high-tech industry in the town.  Notabilities from the area include Oliver Cromwell, Samuel Pepys, William Cowper and John Major.

Club Activities:2012-2014


On 4th November 2014, the Inner Wheel Club of Huntingdon held its’ Charter Lunch. Members invited their husbands and we were pleased to welcome District Chairman Margaret Hedley who presented a 50 year certificate to member Sybil Scotney.
Club Officers 2014-15


Judy Bell - President

Janet Talbot - Secretary

Jan Tilden - Treasurer



Previous Events

The Club celebrated its 45th Charter in October 2007 with a dinner.  This was well supported by members from around the District and President Sue Parkin was most grateful for the friendship extended to the club.   The guest speaker was Buster Evans who gave an amusing and interesting talk on his days as a Military Driver in the Royal Air Force in the 50’s and 60’s.

Pictured are Sarah Solley who lit the Candle to the Future, Sue Parkin who lit the Candle to the Present, Janet Talbot who lit the Candle to International and Marlene Garner who lit the Candle to the Past.

Christmas saw the club holding a Christmas Carol Party at the home of their President Sue complete with buffet supper and Rotarian husbands.

Club photo taken at Christmas


2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Huntingdon.