Club Meeting Date: On the third Monday of the month (except July)

Club Meeting Time: 12:30pm

Club Meeting Place: Devonshire Place, London Road, Leicester

Number of Members: 22

About the Club:

The Club was chartered in 1947.

Leicester is at the heart of England and dates back to the Romans, Saxons, Danes, medieval times and beyond. The River Soar flows through the centre of this city.


Officers 2019 - 2020


President - Sue Lamont

Vice President - Denise Aaron

Past President - Wendy Dziewanowska

Secretary - Rachel Kellett

Treasurer - Christine Parker

International Service - Agnes Munroe

Club Correspondent - Wendy Dziewanowska

Membership Officer - Diana Niblett

Committee members - Diane Taylor, Mary Fulford, Phyllis Bestwick


 President's charity:  

Medical Detection Dogs


August 2019








August 2018

 The first meeting of the IW year is a garden meeting (weather permitting) hosted by our new president.

A representative from the charity Headway Leicester - allied to but not supported by the national Headway charity, was invited to inform all the members about the work of the charity.

The charity helps anyone with acquired brain damage due to such events as traffic accidents, stroke, diabetes, coma or heart attack.


September 2018

After lunch our speaker was our own member Agnes Munroe.

Agnes attended the 2018 Convention in Melbourne Australia spending a few days in Sidney before travelling to Melbourne. After the Convention she spent 2 weeks touring New Zealand.


October 2018

Our 71st charter meeting was held in our usual venue - Devonshire Place Leicester. We had a very enjoyable afternoon joined by other clubs in the district. The speaker was Mary Matts who spoke about Canal life and traditions.


November 18

The speaker Gabby Briner told us about her charity 'You in Mind' Gabby is the chief executive of the charity and considers mental health to be the Cinderella of the health service. Only about a third of mental health sufferers seek help.


December 18

A festive lunch was enjoyed before we were entertained by Mike Storr's talk 'Masters of Mirth' 

A second festive lunch was enjoyed the following week when some members joined Leicester Rotary for their Christmas lunch.


January 19

Our first event of the new year was an IIW Day event which we held on the 8th January at a members house. We all tucked in to a variety of homemade soups and puddings and had plenty of chat and laughter whilst raising funds for our international charities.

Our speaker for January, Gail Devereux-Batchelor, gave a very informed talk about the numerous scams that people can easily get drawn into. She told us about one elderly lady called Jessica who was scammed over a period of 5 years out of all her life savings.












                                                                   August 2016

 The first meeting of the new year is always an afternoon garden meeting (weather permitting) where we enjoy tea, scones with jam and cream and a variety of cakes. This year we spent a lovely sunny afternoon at a members house. 


 October 2016

 69th Charter Celebration on Monday 16thOctober 2016 at Devonshire Place.

Speaker - Alan Gray "You cannot be serious..........." Tales of a Wimbledon Umpire from 1988 to 2012. 


December 2016 


A Christmas lunch was enjoyed by 35 members and their guest's at Devonshire Place Leicester. After lunch the speaker entertained us with stories of Christmas customs during Victorian times.           











2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Leicester.