Chocolate Stop on the Yellow Brick Road.

DC Dorothy takes District Officers along a very chocolatey road. It got quite messy but look what we achieved. 

Congratulations at the November District Meeting

Congratuations were given at the District meeting to the winners of the Inter Club games. The final game was between St Neots and Loughborough and after an evening of table skittles and Jenga St Neots were the victors.  District Chairman Dorothy presented the trophy to  St Neots President Sherry Carter.

Contratualtions also went to Sue Bellingall from the Rultand club upon winning the Jessie McKibbon Golf trophy.

The trophy was presented by Margriet Hughes ( left) President of the Kettering Club.  Past District Chairman , Jessie McKibbon was a member of the Kettering Club and the Golf Competition is held in her memory.

Pop up Shop - Successful Joint Venture

At the beginning of September DC Dorothy and Membership Officer Glenys  joined Rotary to put up displays about Inner Wheel and Rotary in a Pop up Shop in Loughborough. Despite it being a rainy day lots of interest was shown in the work we all do. so lets hope we get some new ladies joining us very soon.

Welcome to the New Inner Wheel Year

The New Theme for the IIW year is "Touch A Heart". This year’s Theme is taken from our second objective “to encourage the ideals of personal service”

From the IIW Presidents message .... Touch a Heart, gives birth to kindness, being generous with your time, money, resources and willingness to help.

Message from DC Pat

I have now attended all business meetings and charters. Being your District Chairman has been a real honour and I am truly amazed at how much you all achieve. 

Visiting the clubs has been such an enjoyable experience. Thank you all so much for making me feel so welcome and surrounded by friends.

Each club is Unique in the way they run meetings but you are all United in the friendship, fellowship and support you give each other.

Keep enjoying being a member of Inner Wheel and above all




2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 News and Events.